Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Importance of Puppy 101

Have you looked at your puppy and said if you would just do what I ask?  Puppy 101 teaches you how to communicate with your Puppy to get the results you are asking, if what you are asking is in the realm of what your puppy can do.  We are taught everything we know from our parents and what we absorb from the world around us.  Our pets are no different.  We take our puppies away from Mom at about 8 weeks old, the most important time of impression in a puppies life is from 8-16 weeks.  It is our responsibility as pet parents to provide for our puppies during this critical time.  

What can you do for your pup during this critical time?  First get the pup to your favorite White House Animal Hospital Veterinarian to make sure all puppy vaccinations are up to date, the pup is healthy, and to start the socialization process.  Socialization starts with the members of your household and then the outside world  At White House Animal Hospital you can get the right start for your pup with Puppy gentling a technique that teaches your pup to trust you and look to you for direction in life.  This is an important step in creating a lasting bond between you and your pup.  We can also help in the do's and don'ts of house training.  There is a lot of bad and misinformation available in book and internet format that can lead to problems down the road.  Getting good and accurate information from and industry specialist is important in getting your pup off to the right start.  

White House Animal Hospital offers Puppy 101 and Puppy Play Tuesdays.  Puppy Play Tuesdays are a short half hour session of puppy socialization with an important Puppy Lesson that are held in the winter months.  Puppy 101 is and Introduction to basic dog obedience and White House Animal Hospital has 4 separate classes scheduled for the 2016 calendar year.  Puppy 101 is important in building a long and trusting relationship with your pup at an early age.  Puppy 101 is for puppies under 1 year of age to learn the basics of sit, stay, leave it, loose leash walking, prevent and stop jumping, pulling, and biting.  We will explore the world of puppy ownership and responsibility as a a pup parent is proving a high quality of life for your pup.  Another benefit of Puppy 101 at White House Animal Hospital is that the Puppy 101 test is the AKC STAR Puppy Test.  For more information please visit our Facebook Events page for upcoming classes.  https://www.facebook.com/pethospital/events

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