Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Rescue and Pet Assistance

Rescue or Foster Help

Precious Friends (puppiesonly)                 931-551-4407
Love @ 1st Sight(puppy & kitten only)       615-297-2464
Happy Tales                                               615-791-0827
Freedom Farm                                           615-664-2380
Sara Byster (cats only)                              901-826-2868
Nashville Cat Rescue                                 615-545-8809
New Leash on Life                                     615-444-1144
Agape Animal Rescue                                info@agaperescue.org
Old English Sheepdog Rescue                  615-325-3669
Humane Alliance                                        615-907-7092
Old Friends Senior DogSanctuary             old.friends.senior.dogs@gmail.com
Hairry Moose                                             615-230-9419
Safe Place for Animals                              615-451-7342
Legend Acres Charities                            931-232-6044

Humane Societies

Sumner County                                           615-822-0061
Nashville                                                     615-352-4030

Animal Control

Davidson County                                         615-862-7928
Robertson County                                       615-384-9289
Sumner County                                           615-452-2400
Listing Lost & Found Pets and Adoptable Pets

www.fidofinder.com                www.lostmydoggie.com 

Wildlife Rescue

Waldon’s Puddle                                         615-299-9938
Wildlife Rescue & Rehab                             615-758-5231

Non-Profit Financial Assistance Groups

Lovies Legacy                                             615-383-0074(oronline)
Red Rover (contact onlineonly)                   www.redrover.org/grants
Buddy Care Foundation (onlineonly)           www.buddycare.org
Brown Dog Foundation(catsalso)                www.browndogfoundation.org
Animal Care For Artisits                               www.animalcareforartists.org 
Middle Tennessee Pet FoodBank                midtnpetfoodbank@gmail.com
IMOM, Inc.                                                    www.IMOM.org
The Pet Fund                                               www.thepetfund.com,
Feline Veterinary EmergencyAssistance      www.fveap.org
Cats in Crisis                                               www.catsincrisis.org
Canine Cancer Awareness                          www.caninecancerawarness.org
Cody’s Club (radiationtreatments)               www.doggiedog.com
Diabetic Pets Fund                                      www,petdiabetes.net
The Mosby Foundation                               www.themosbyfoundation.org
Magic Bullet Fund (cancer)                         www.themagicbulletfund.org
The Veterinary Care Foundation                www.vetcarefoundation.org

PetResQ911.org –differenttypes of assistance

This list is for those looking for assistance to care for their pets and is not a complete or inclusive list but is a list of Organizations that have a working relationship with White House Animal Hospital and can be found on the White House Animal Hospital Facebook page under notes: https://www.facebook.com/notes/white-house-animal-hospital/rescue-or-foster-help/10153715930396934

White House Animal Hospital 615-672-0357

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