Monday, February 1, 2016

Why does my dog’s breath smell?

Why does my dog's breath smell?

February Dental Month

            Causes of Bad Breath

Periodontal disease and stomach problems are the two most common reasons for pet halitosis. Canned pet food and à la carte garbage dining can contribute to stinky breath, but if your pet's breath is regularly repulsive, check their teeth. "Periodontal disease is the top health problem vets see, yet few owners ever look inside their pets' mouths," says Marty Becker, DVM, coauthor of Why Do Dogs Drink out of the Toilet?

Periodontal Disease

Studies show that after the age of 3 years, 80 percent of dogs and cats will have signs of periodontal disease.  Classic signs of periodontal disease include red, bleeding gums and brown buildup on teeth, changing in eating behaviors, refusing hard kibble and treats, pawing at the mouth, rubbing face and muzzle on the carpet, and missing teeth.  Avoiding periodontal disease is essential: Animals with periodontal disease experience pain and bacterial infection that can contribute to heart, liver and kidney damage. "Good oral health is the furry fountain of youth," Dr. Becker says. It can help your pet live 15 percent longer.

Dental Exam

Get your pet's mouth checked twice a year.  This February bring your pet to White House Animal Hospital for a Free Dental Exam!  Schedule your pet's free exam online today by clicking here and get a Free Pet Finger Tooth Brush.  If your pet is diagnosed with periodontal disease, book a professional teeth cleaning in February and save up to 20% (including the extraction of loose and infected teeth if necessary). 

Preventing Bad Breath

Help prevent tartar and plaque from building up after your pets professional teeth cleaning by brushing your pet's teeth at least once a week (Get your Free Pet Finger Brush with every Free Dental Exam or Professional Teeth Cleaning) or wiping Clenza dent Gel on your pets teeth.  White House Animal hospital also carries Royal Canine Dental Diets for cats and dogs, as well as a variety of dental chews.  Dental care is an important part of your pet's health care, as teeth can not be replaced.  

Ruling out Digestive Problems

What if your pet's mouth looks healthy? Digestive problems may be the cause of his stinky breath. "If there's unhealthy bacteria in the intestinal tract, it can persist and worsen, causing bad breath," explains Dr. Becker.  Get your pet examined today to rid your pet of bath breath!  Schedule online at or call our office at 615-672-0357!

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